It’s all in the details

When we come to complete our first Meet and Greet there is paperwork to be completed and signed.  We have a form called our Pet Sit Profile and Info which also has the Pet Sit Contract.  The Profile will contain all the necessary information needed to complete the pet sit including:  general information about you, the pets, how we enter and exit the home, where pet supplies are located, the duration of the pet sit, and how the pets are to be cared for.  There is a section regarding keys and their handling.

Our contract is short and to the point.  In general it releases us from liabilities except those arising from our own negligence or willful misconduct.  We have insurance through Pet Sitters Associates.  It also covers what would happen should a pet we are working with becomes aggressive toward us over the course of a pet sit.  Lastly, it gives permission for us to be in your home and that the form has been completed with best possible information.

We also have a Veterinary Medical Care Release Form that can be completed.  It outlines how we should proceed in a medical emergency.  While this form can be important, even more significantly we would suggest contacting your veterinarian’s office and informing them of your plans, that we are caring for your pets, and also coming to an understanding regarding payment for services.  While unforeseen emergencies can happen any time, it becomes even more important to plan ahead if you will be traveling overseas or for a lengthy period of time.

Pets should be:

  • current on vaccinations
  • on flea preventative (indoor only cats with no other pets having access to outdoors are the only exception)

We look forward to hearing from you soon and caring for your pet(s).