To begin services a meet and greet is required.  This meeting allows everyone to get to know each other, the paperwork to be completed, and any questions to be answered.  Meet and greets are free.  Please contact us to schedule a meet and greet at least 7 day before services are to be provided.

All pet sitting services are provided in your home.

  • Standard pet sit is $15.00 and generally lasts 30 minutes.  This in-home visit includes feeding, watering, litter box maintenance, time outdoors, and lots of love.  We will also pick-up mail, roll in/out the trash, change lights/blinds, and water indoor plants.  Routine daily oral/topical medications can be administered.  This charge is per visit, not per pet.  Fees can be discussed for a large number of pets/longer time periods.
  • Potty break is $12.00 and lasts 10-15 minutes.  This in-home visit is for just what is says, the pets get a few minutes to stretch their legs and relieve themselves.  (At this time this visit is primarily intended for the mid-day break of an ongoing pet sit e.g. a weekend vacation sit or a quick cat visit for a lengthy vacation sit.)
  • Overnight pet sit is $45.00 and generally will last from 7pm to 7am (unless otherwise discussed).  The pet sitter stays in the home with the pets and provides all the standard pet sit care.
  • Out of area/gas surcharge may be discussed at meet and greet in regards to distance traveled and frequency of pet sits.

We serve Ash Grove, Battlefield, Billings, Bois d’Arc, Everton, Halltown, Republic, Springfield (west side of town), Walnut Grove, and Willard.